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Martin Carlsson
Martin Carlsson

Denna sida är publicerad för alla motionärer inom Tetra Pak Lund. Aktiviteter
Björn Bergman byggnad 318 ankn 5053

Våra träningstider i Tetra Paks gympahall är följande:

Måndagar            17 – 19

Onsdagar 10:30 – 11:30

Torsdagar            18 – 20 

Bollar och racket finns för utlåning dessa tider.
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The hall at Tetra Pak is booked for other activity in the autumn from Wednesday 12/9 until ( and including) Monday 22/10.

We have received a limited extra budget to be able to book and play Badminton at Victoria stadium in Lund during this period.
You have to be a member of Tetra Pak IF to use this procedure and get the free bookings.
We have no pre-booked courts. But you will be able to book a court, during defined hours, see below, using your name and Tetra Pak number.
You have to call Victoria stadium by phone and book. I.e. you can’t use the online web booking.
(ATL Victoriastadions reception 046-350560​)
You are not guaranteed that there are some courts available to book.
With your name and Tetra Pak number you are allowed to book 4 hours per week on the 3 days and time periods listed below.
When you arrive you must tell that you are from Tetra Pak and show your ID card. And they will take note of your name and number.
In case you are playing with someone else that are a member of Tetra Pak IF, also this person must give their name and show the Tetra Pak ID badge. I.E. both must show the Tetra Pak ID badge.
In case you are playing with someone else, this other person must pay for half the court cost. Please do not misuse.

The time slots that you are allowed to book via this procedure are:

Mondays: 1600 - until closing time
Wednesdays: 1000 - 1200
Thursdays: 1600 - until closing time
Starting from Wednesday 12/9 until 22/10 (or shorter if the budget runs out).