Sports Hall - activity schedule
The activity schedule for the sports hall, located on Ruben Rausing street, is accessible via Outlook. The search path is:
Public Folders/All Public Folders/Europe/Sweden/TPIF/Appointm.TPIF
You can add this calendar to your favourites so you won't have to search for it more than once.
If you want to book a sports activity during an open/ free time-slot, you can do so by contacting our security dept. on extension 1400, during weekdays 06.00-22.00 or weekends all day. 
Each employee has the right to book 1 hour activity/ week. Bookings can be made with maximum 1 weeks prior notice.


New Members
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At only 200 SEK/ year, -You can become a member of TPIF, and participate in all TPIF-related activities such as:
-The Gym at Råbyholm & Nordenhuset is open and free for all Tetra Pak employee's
To become a member, send an e-mail to TPIF, stating your employee number & company code.
For additional questions or inqueries, please contact any TPIF board member or send an e-mail to: